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by Claire Buchwald
illustration by Amelia Hansen
September 2009

ISBN: 978-0-940719-08-8
$7.95 paperback with flaps

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Almost every parent has heard the question, "Please, can we get a dog?" Now there is a book that will help families answer that question, a book that supports either answer. Are You Ready for Me? shows what life will be like with a dog, both the responsibilities and the joys

In the text, a dog and a pup, waiting to be chosen at an animal adoption center, ask two children questions about how they will be treated. Children and their parents will recognize what it will mean on a daily basis to bring a dog into the family.

Families who choose to adopt a dog will use this delightfully illustrated book to prepare for and to anticipate the big day. Parents can also draw on the book to review responsibilities of family members to pets they already have, though their young children are likely to request hearing the book many times, just for the pleasure of seeing the bond between pets and their people.

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“This easy-going book tells kids what they will have to do to turn their dog into a happy and fun pet, and also how to care for it in the right way. It is a useful and pleasant ‘reality check’ for all kids who are begging to have a dog of their own.?
—Stanley Coren, author of many dog books
including How Dogs Think and
Why Does My Dog Act That Way?
“A guide to responsible care, and inspiring compassion and understanding, this book will benefit all young readers---and all dogs.?
—Dr. Michael W. Fox, veterinarian,
syndicated columnist, and author of many
dog books, including Dog Body, Dog Mind:Exploring Canine Consciousness and Total Well-Being

Claire Buchwald lives with her husband, three children, dog, and cat in Bloomington, MN. The author of The Great Mitzvah-Go-Round (Artscroll, 2002), co-written with her husband, Larry Bogoslaw, and The Puppet Book (1990, Plays Inc.), Ms. Buchwald is currently completing a nonfiction book on the power of imagination, reading, and pretend play in children's lives. Buchwald, who has a Ph.D. in Communication [from UCSD], believes that children deserve the finest of writing because they are complicated, intelligent, full of questions, and strongly connected to the powerful capacities of imagination and awe.

Amelia Hansen is the illustrator of Gryphon Press titles Are You Ready for Me? and At the Dog Park with Sam and Lucy, as well as nineteen other books exploring the connections between people, animals, and the earth. She lives near Kalamazoo, Michigan, with her husband, artist Paul Nehring, and their two cats, Rabbit and Albert.

Our "Sit! Stay! Read!" series of picture books for children seeks to explorer issues and ideas that explore the bond between animals and humans.

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