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At the Dog Park with Sam and Lucy Find us on Facebook
by Daisy Bix
illustration by Amelia Hansen

24 pages, 24 color illustrations

ISBN: ebook

24 pages, ages 5–8
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There are dog parks in all but three states, and an increasing number of the nation's 65 million dog owners are discovering their various pleasures

In this first-ever children's book about dog parks, dogs Sam and Lucy eagerly take part in a dog fiesta of movement and fun, running off-leash, free to cavort, to meet and greet, to leap and chase.

The final page has information for those adults who haven't yet been to one about what to expect at a dog park and how to create a new one.

“Sam and Lucy are excited to be going to the dog park with their people. The text, spoken by the dogs, is breezy and light, switching quickly from one pup to another. The crisp watercolor illustrations capture their energy and exuberance. The many breeds depicted [29, and mixed breeds] are listed on their inside flap of the book jacket encouraging readers to find them in the pictures. The last page lists some simple rules for these parks and tips for starting one.”
School Library Journal
“This will delight any child that loves animals. It has clear, photo-like illustrations. You can feel the movement and slobbery kisses. There are only a few words per page.”
Cathy Saldin, Reader review
“The delightful illustrations that enliven each page provide a revealing glimpse of the everyday magic that occurs at these popular recreational spaces.”
Barb Heideman, Cofounder and Former President
of ROMP, Minnesota


Daisy Bix is an editor/writer who lives in Minneapolis, MN and the author also of Buddy Unchained
(The Gryphon Press, October 2006).

Amelia Hansen is the illustrator of Gryphon Press titles Are You Ready for Me? and At the Dog Park with Sam and Lucy, as well as nineteen other books exploring the connections between people, animals, and the earth. She lives near Kalamazoo, Michigan, with her husband, artist Paul Nehring, and their two cats, Rabbit and Albert.

Our “Sit! Stay! Read!” series of picture books for children seeks to explorer issues and ideas that explore the bond between animals and humans.

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