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The Gryphon Press exists to bring children beautifully illustrated books about the human-animal bond that foster empathy and compassion. A children’s picture book should, of course, be notable for its art. Gryphon Press books offer generous gallery space for storytelling, used to advantage by the illustrators.

Surprisingly, we have found that children’s picture books about the realities of our relationships with animals, domestic and wild, are rarely represented in the children’s book marketplace. Our motto, a voice for the voiceless, expresses our sincere belief that there are ears willing to listen to such a voice.


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We also have a downloadable 24-page Are You Ready for a Dog? Kit that guides parents and children through the decision process of whether their family is ready to include a dog. All are available in PDF format for easy downloading and printing. Check back soon for more classroom materials and other helpful information.


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At the Dog Park


“The Gryphon Press is a true inspiration to those who have been introduced to their important line of children's book. These beautifully illustrated books teach the most significant lessons to young people that they may ever learn about love and compassion toward animals. These lovely life-changing picture books should be on every educator's bookshelf.”

— Michelle Buckalew, President and Founding Editor, Animal World USA

“The Gryphon Press ‘voice for the voiceless’ children's books help create for children an empathy for the animals that share our lives and world. These books will go a long way to help bring up a generation that sees our fellow animals as sentient beings to be treated with kindness and respect.”

— Laura Allen, Executive Director of Animal Law Coalition

“The Gryphon Press books are top notch books for teaching elementary school aged children about companion animal issues and should be a part of every school library collection.”

— Stephanie Bucalo,

“The books are a wonderful addition to our school. Some of them are available for check-out in the library, while others are in an area created especially for our PAWS program. Others are located in classrooms, where many of our English Language Learners delight in looking at them.”

—Judy Kaufmann, Assistant Principal,
Mississippi Creative Arts Magnet Elementary, St. Paul, MN

“I recently had the pleasure of reading five books written for children, all about dogs, as part of the Sit! Stay! Read! Series from The Gryphon Press. My reading partner and co-reviewer was a well-educated three-year-old. She enjoyed all the books, even those covering more serious topics, her comment following each book was the same, "I love that book". I found them all relatable and books that a wide range of ages could enjoy and learn from. Each book has information for adults in the back with further explanation of the messages covered as well as several resources to go to for more information. I'll admit that when I sat down to read these books I was a bit wary that they might be too preachy - a message for adults hidden in a book for kids. I was wrong. These authors clearly know how to write for kids and the illustrators give us images that capture the attention of children and adults alike.”

— Stephanie Shain, Director of Outreach, Companion Animals,
The Humane Society of the United States

“As an elementary school librarian and founder of a cat rescue organization, I am always looking for good humane education titles to add to my collection; but this is the first children's picture book I have ever found that focuses on spaying and neutering and the results of not altering your cat. The story skillfully incorporates a great deal of information about the cat overpopulation problem in a manner that children can relate to. The book also includes factual information at the end of the story, to reinforce the physical as well as practical reasons why spay/neuter is essential for your pets and for society as a whole. This is a much-needed title for humane educators, libraries and animal lovers alike; it's the book we have long needed and the one I myself have always wanted to write!”

— Deb Young, Library Media Specialist, Co-Founder, KittyCorner of CNY, Inc.

“The work that Gryphon Press is doing is so important to educating children about the issues and responsibilities related to animals. Gryphon Press fills a niche need that has until now been unmet. The messages the books carry are filled with caring and compassionate actions that apply to all areas of our lives and brings these lessons to children at an early age. The messages align strongly with the education work of Animal Humane Society, so much so that we have incorporated the books into our curriculum.”

—Janelle Dixon, Animal Humane Society, President and CEO

“We use these wonderful books that are fun to read and learn from for our educational outreach program. The kids love them!”

—Sheryl Brackley, Director, Second Chance Animal Shelter

“Based upon my years of leadership in the emerging field of Animal Law, I welcome the contributions of The Gryphon Press in providing a uniquely valuable addition to the field of humane education through its children's picture books. The Gryphon Press has provided a rich resource for those who want to raise the bar on animal and environmental subjects.”

— Barbara J. Gislason, Animal Law Attorney,
Founding Animal Law Chair, MSBA and ABA

“We've all been inspired by Gryphon Press's books. I just spoke to about 100 first and second graders about Max. They all signed their "Max Talks to Me" handouts as their pledge to love, protect and respect their pets and all animals. These pledges will also be on display within the libraries of all of our 49 elementary schools here in Greenville, S.C., so that students will be able to understand from reading about Max how heroic, faithful and loving all pets are. We've also donated copies of several of your books to each of our elementary school libraries as part of our humane education program. These beautiful books have aided us greatly in our mission to educate, enlighten and inspire all children to be kind and merciful to animals, and for that, we thank you. Your books truly honor all animals by serving as a ‘Voice for the Voiceless’.”

— Carolyn Holland-Clark, Speak for Animals - Humane Education

Children have a deep sense of what’s ethically right, as well as what’s fun and delightful. Our goals are to publish books that give readers lasting pleasure, as well as educating them about the subject of each book. The final page of each title is filled with information for parents and other adults concerning issues raised by the story.

The Gryphon Press books are finding a home with parents, educators, and animal care organizations across the U.S, as expressed in the note below from Nicole Forsyth. For more feedback, please read “More Educator Comments” in in the main column and read our home page.

“The engaging stories published by The Gryphon Press are a wonderful way to teach children the values of empathy and respect for animals. RedRover chose Buddy Unchained and Max Talks to Me to be part of the RedRover Readers program because they are beautiful stories that communicate positive messages and encourage children to understand animals and to think critically about our responsibilities toward them.”

—Nicole Forsyth,
President and CEO,

Carol Leifer
photo credit: Harry Langdon

“As a passionate advocate for animal rescue, I feel that The Gryphon Press offers amazing work. The love and compassion for animals shines through on every page.”

—Carol Leifer
Writer, Comedienne


The Gryphon Press, a voice for the voiceless .