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Always Blue for Chicu
by Karen Dugan

ISBN: 978-0-940719-09-5
$16.95 trade cloth

April 2010

32 pages, 72 color illustrations
Independent Publishers
Bronze Medal
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Blue is at the heart of Chicu’s life, the blue of sky and of flying free with his flock. Captured by smugglers, Chicu is taken to sea by the kindly sailor he thinks of as Big Blue. When Big Blue must go back to his ship, Chicu is passed casually from one person to another.

Neglected and suffering, Chicu finds ways to show his unhappiness until he is rescued and, after many years, reunited with his soul mate, Big Blue. As Chicu’s story makes clear, a parrot is a wild animal and a formidable “pet,” requiring significant care and attention. Parrots like Chicu can live a long life, even in captivity; depending on the circumstances, those lives can be contented or miserable.

* * *

“This heart-warming and delightful story will intrigue and interest children while it charms their parents. It is a pleasure to see a children’s picture book that is exciting and amazing yet accessible and accurate. Always Blue for Chicu captures the life and spirit of this fas-cinating parrot and the saga of his finding a home with people who understand his needs.”
 —Joanna Burger,
author of The Parrot Who Owns Me
“In her beautifully illustrated Always Blue for Chicu, Karen Dugan captures both the pleasures and perils of sharing one's life with a parrot. Following Chicu on his wild ride through decades of ups and downs, one might think that these are the experiences of several birds rolled into one. However, many parrots actually live this long, have this many owners, and form complex and powerful bonds with people. Indeed millions of parrots do, and Dugan has skillfully brought this truth to light in a gentle, fun, but always honest manner. This touching and hopeful tale will capture children’s imaginations and win their hearts; I highly recommend it for animal lovers of all ages.”
—James D. Gilardi,
Director, World Parrot Trust
“For anyone who knows, loves, and understands a parrot, this beautiful story of Chicu's journey will tug at your heart. Karen Dugan’s insight into the souls of parrots is evident both in her story and in her illustrations. This is a book I will treasure.”

—Karen Windsor,
Executive Director of Foster Parrots, Ltd.

ABOUT AUTHOR / ARTIST Karen Dugan is the award-winning creator of Ms. April & Ms. Mae  (The Gryphon Press) and of twenty previous children’s picture books.

Read Karen Dugan’s author comments and along with viewing her delightful accompanying illustrations.


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