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Ms. April and Ms. Mae: A Fable Find us on Facebook
Written and illustration
by Karen Dugan

ISBN 978-0-940719-07-1

40 pages, color illustrations throughout, printed endpapers
$17.95 jacketed cloth
Forward Reviews 2009 Book of the Year Award Finalist, Children’s Picture Book Category
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Ms. April loves her field and forest, pond and hill. When land development forces animals from their rural homes, Ms. April invites them to live safely on her land.  With Ms. Mae, a resourceful fox (and her closest friend), she shelters the animals until the day she falls ill and greedy enemies invade her land. At this moment of peril, Ms. Mae steps in to match wits with their adversaries.

“This is just the book Mother Nature would order. The author clearly understands the role that our children will play in the future health of our planet. I invite the reader to apply M. Mae's persistence and wit to saving some elbow room for all kinds of wildlife and habitats.”
—Nancy Gibson, cofounder of the International
Wolf Center and author of
 “In her delightful fable, Karen Dugan teaches us that all animals need homes and that it takes the kinship of all creatures to ward off commercial destruction of critical habitat.”    
—Rebecca L. Rom, past Chair,
The Wilderness Society
“Ms. April and Ms. Mae is a wonderful story for children and adults alike!  With beautiful and engaging illustrations that make the drama come alive, the reader is drawn into the age-old struggle between preservation and development.  But the resolution of this struggle by Ms. April and Ms. Mae is in seeking common ground among all parties for the protection of special places for nature and people.
 —Mark Tercek, CEO, The Nature Conservancy

Karen Dugan, author and artist, has published twenty previous books, many of them prizewinners (Reading Rainbow selection winner; Skipping Stone Honor Award; winner, Scientific American Young Reader’s Book Awards-Multicultural; winner, International Reading Assn.; and Honor, Notable Children’s Book of the Year) A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, she lives a rural life in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.
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