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The Gryphon Press exists to bring children beautifully illustrated books about the human-animal bond, books that foster empathy in children for other living beings. Surprisingly, we have found that the realities of of our relationships with animals, domestic and wild, are rarely represented in the children's book marketplace.

Our motto, a voice for the voiceless, expresses our sincere belief that there are ears willing to listen to such a voice.

Our books showcase a range of important issues and ideas in Humane Education, including: the joys as well as the responsibilities of pet ownership, abuse and neglect of animals, teaching empathy to children, dealing with overpopulation, getting rid of puppy mills, choosing a pet for its entire life, adoption, fostering, and showcasing therapy and service animals.

Our books approach these issues in an appropriate, engaging, and non-didactic manner and feature detailed information in the back of each book about the issue addressed for parents and educators.

Since the founding of The Gryphon Press in 2006, our books have won numerous awards, including the ASPCA's Henry Bergh Children's Book Award and the Humane Society of the United States' Youth KIND Children's Honor Books awards.

Check back for new books about animals and the important issues that face them. Thank you for your interest in books that are a “voice for the voiceless.”

Emilie Buchwald grew up in New York City but has lived in Minneapolis since 1960. After working as an editor, poet, award-winning children’s author, and teacher, she co-founded the nonprofit literary press Milkweed Editions, which achieved national recognition under Buchwald’s leadership, with over a million books in print. She retired from Milkweed Editions in 2003 and founded The Gryphon Press in 2006. Buchwald has a Ph.D. and a Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Minnesota. Recent awards include: McKnight Distinguished Artist Award (2002); Kay Sexton Award for fostering books, reading, and literary activity (2007); and The National Book Critics Circle Ivan Sandroff Lifetime Achievement Award (2008). Buchwald is the author of two award-winning children’s novels, Gildaen and Floramel and Esteban.
The Gryphon Press, a voice for the voiceless .