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What’s an APHE?

Posted June 11th, 2011

No, it’s not a tropical plant or bird. APHE is the acronym for a marvelous national organization working on behalf of animals, The Association Of Professional Humane Educators.

APHE, is a professional organization for people interested and supportive of humane and environmental education.

The Association of Professional Humane Educators provides professional development opportunities and networking for educators who promote humane attitudes toward people, animals and the environment. In other words, here’s a group that connects, and collaborates with schools and community organizations that teach kids about helping and understanding animals and how to make animal lives better.

We found out a great deal more about APHE when Dana Buchwald, our marketing director, attended the APHE conference in Fort Myers in late February, hosted by Florida Gulf Coast University. She found it to be a warm and welcoming group of people passionate about animal well-being.

She had a chance to listen to and meet leaders in the field. With talks, round-table discussions, a sharing corral, and dinners and get-togethers to mingle, she spoke enthusiastically about the fact that in a few days she—not a professional humane educator—expanded her understanding of the state of animal education from talks such as Incorporating Dogs with At-Risk Youth, Using For-Profit Concepts to Sell Humane Values, Expanding the Circle of Compassion, to name a few of the sessions. Next year’s conference takes place next March in Walnut Creek, California – a beautiful place to be in early March.

We were so very glad to learn about APHE at firsthand. If you want to find out more about how to help animals in your community, consider joining APHE. You’ll find a host of resources, including lessons, brochures, a directory of members around the globe, a summer camp resource manual, a community service learning manual, educational webinars such as Breaking the Cycle of Abuse, and much else.

APHE website is:

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